Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 19 December 2016

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Episode 19 December 2016

Star Plus serial Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update 19.12.2016, YRKKH 19th December WU

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai episode starts with Naitik sitting sad and crying. He thinks of Akshara.

Naira says I knew you will be here, you can make this pain our courage, you have to do duties, come everyone is waiting, mumma will not see anyone worried, I m sure you will also not want this, come.

She tells the staff that Naitik will come and talk to them, and Naira and Gayu will also help. She asks the staff to make her learn and explain. Gayu smiles. Naira talks to staff. Gayu hugs Naira and is glad seeing her.

Kartik calls Naira. She says you call so much, you will get huge bill. He says I don’t worry. He tells about his cousin sister Mansi. She says your family is so good, did you not miss them. Peon calls her to meet client.

Kartik asks where are you. She says office, Papa in unwell, so Gayu and I came to help. He says you have any problem. She says no, I m lucky to help them. He says I will wait till you get free as you always make me wait, I got habitual. She smiles.

Surekha asks Mansi to have food. She tells Lav and Kush’s shopping. Lav and Kush miss the snacks they had at Naira’s house. They say they liked Naira. Kartik runs and hugs them. They laugh. Manish comes. Kartik gets serious. Dadi asks Kartik in which oil did he make noodles. He says which your dietician wrote. Dadi asks Surekha to take Mansi to dietician for good health. Kartik says she has much courage. Akhilesh asks Kartik do you go gym. Kartik says I can go now. Akhilesh asks when to call trainer, what will you do at home, come office with me. Dadi says yes, men look good when they go for work.

Dadi asks Kirti to stay at home and help Suwarna, you are not needed at office. Kartik says I don’t want to come office. Akhilesh says come for sometime. Lav says Papa, he has GF. Akhilesh says girls also like guys who work, its your wish now. Dadi stops Manish and does tilak to his file. Kartik recalls Naira’s words and says I will come along, give me two mins. Manish smiles.

Akhilesh says great, take 4 mins. Kartik says if Naira can help family in business, why can’t I help you. Dadi says he always hears her, we don’t have any value, this is not a good sign Manish. Manish says I m glad that he is coming office with us, he will be with us all day.

Kartik gets ready and comes. They all smile seeing him. Kartik says there was no strict dress code in Naitik’s office, he was a cool boss. Dadi wards off bad sight. She asks Kartik to go now.

Manish stumbles in office. Kartik holds her. Manish gets glad. Akhilesh scolds guard for not putting cleaning board. Kartik talks politely to guard. He goes. Manish smiles. He gives bonus to staff. The manager says Sir, its not Diwali today. Manish says its for me.

Clients argue with Naira and say we want solution today. She asks for some time. Clients get angry. Kartik gets to know about Singhania’s problem. The man says all clients are leaving him, we are scared that they can get in court case. Naira tries to explain.

The man says one who has experience can manage this. Manager asks clients to give time. The clients say we decided we will not do business with you. Kartik comes to Naitik’s office and asks for half an hour to explain plan of action. Naira smiles.

Kartik asks them to come to his cabin and discuss. He talks to clients. Naira sees him and smiles. Kartik signs her and smiles. She signs thanks.

Akhilesh tells Manish that clients told Kartik about Singhania’s problem, and Kartik said he has contract with Naitik and he will manage his business. Manish gets upset. Kartik says we will fulfill our commitment, don’t worry. Clients leave.

Naitik sees the clients leaving. He sees Kartik and says sorry Kartik, I did not know of them, I went to bank to arrange funds. Kartik says you solved big problem, we can do work soon. Naitik says you here. Kartik says I m doing my work. Naitik hugs her and says Akshara said right about you, don’t know which birth relation it is. Naira smiles happily.

Kartik goes to Naira and hugs her. She thanks him and says I got support with your coming, I did not know what to do, you came as new hope. He says you got mad, we never spoke of work, I did not come for you, I came for my work and promise. He thanks her. He says don’t thank again, I went to office with Akhilesh and then realized I left work incomplete here, Naitik got worried because of me, if I don’t stand with him today, I will fall in my eyes, thanks. She says don’t give me credit for your goodness. He says fine, then take debit. She laughs.

She gets sad. He asks what happened. She says I m worried for Papa. He says don’t take tension, sit here, we both are together now, so we are 1 plus 1, equal to 11, we will keep all relations and all work will be done. She thanks him and smiles.

Manish tells Dadi that Kartik did not stay in office for even half an hour, he does not think how would I feel, I did not say anything as he can feel bad and leave us again, I can’t see his love for those people and can’t bear pain of getting away from him, what to do. She says I can just see one solution, marriage. He asks what.

Kartik and Naira romance. Manish says I can see how they treated my son, Kartik is blind in love.

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