Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Episode 19 December 2016

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 21 December 2016 Written Episode

Star Plus serial Yeh Hai Mohabbatein Written Update 19.12.2016, YHM 19th December WU

The episode starts with Ruhi asking Ishita to allow her to meet Suhail once. Ishita says fine, but I will come along. Ruhi says no, he will get upset. Aaliya says I will go with Ruhi, I will take care of her.

Ishita agrees and says fine, you can go with Aaliya, come back soon, and Raman should not know this. Ruhi promises and hugs her. She cries.

She asks Aaliya to take care of Ruhi. Aaliya and Ruhi come to Suhail’s house. Aaliya says I m sure he is fine, come. Ruhi says I hope he does not hate me. Aaliya asks her to come. She asks her not to get nervous and go upstairs, I will be here. Ruhi goes and sees a girl taking care of Suhail. She gets shocked. She drops her phone. Suhail sees Ruhi at the door. Ruhi says sorry, and rushes.

Suhail stops her and asks what happened, why are you going without meeting me. Ruhi says sorry, I should have not disturbed you. The girl says don’t go, you did not disturb us, I was just leaving, be with my brother.

Ruhi asks brother? The girl says I m Kirti, he is my cousin, don’t know who were the goons who have beaten him, there is no one to take care of him, so I came, just give him company, I have to go, I have urgent work. She hugs Suhail and goes. Ruhi sees Suhail.

Suhail signs what. Ruhi smilees. Aaliya says I think you should rest. He asks them to sit. Ishita irons clothes and is worried for Ruhi. She says I did not tell Raman about Ruhi. She thinks to call Ruhi, but it will not be good. Simmi gets late and waits for taxi. Gaurav comes and greets him. He offers lift. She says its okay, I will get a cab. He says I will drop you.

Ruhi takes care of Suhail. Chahe tum kuch na kaho……plays………… He asks her to pass phone. She gives him. He moves her hair off the face. She smiles. Aaliya calls her out and comes there. She says Ishita asked me to get you home on time.

Suhail asks Ruhi to go, else Raman will get angry. Ruhi says if you need anything, I m just a call away, you take medicines on time. Suhail smiles.

Gaurav stops the car at signal and asks Simmi did you get angry on me, why did you not reply to my messages. She says nothing like that., He says when we met that day, I enjoyed a lot, I thought we can become friends. She says yes, but we are poles apart, it will be tough to become friends, there are issues at home so I did not reply your messages. He says we both are lonely, and I think this loneliness binds us. She asks him to stop car, she has to get down there. He stops the car. She thanks him and goes.

Ishita says I m glad knowing Suhail is fine. Ruhi says yes, but he is weak. Ishita says he will be fine, have this halwa. Ruhi says you know after so much happened, Raman and Romi have beaten him, he did not get angry and did not say anything, he was asking me to go home early, he is so good, he stays alone, I m his only friend. Ishita asks do you want to tell me. Ruhi asks what. Ishita says about Suhail, I can see you are concerned for him, but are you both friends or more than that. Ruhi says no, we are just friends, I m sure, why are you asking this.

Ishita says I am your mother, I can see you like him. Ruhi says yes, I like him, as he is very good, he talks to me well, I like his qualities, he is managing big company alone, we are friends, we trust each other.

Ishita says you are a professional, everyone treats you like a kid here and he treats you like professional, you share things with me, I will know whats going on in your life, you can tell me anything, you know I will never judge you, have halwa, mummy ji saved this for you, finish it out soon. She goes.

Ruhi feels sorry and says I can’t tell you Ishi Maa what I feel for Suhail, as I don’t know my feelings. She thinks of Suhail. Pehla nasha…..plays………..

Simmi is on work call and comes home. She sees Ananya talking to someone and says I told her not to talk to strangers. She goes and sees Gaurav. Gaurav asks Simmi is she your….. Ananya says he is my friend, Gaurav uncle, he saved me, we were playing cricket, I was catching ball and did not see car, it was Gaurav’s car. Simmi says I told you not to play outside gate. Ananya says sorry. Gaurav says relax, Ananya promised me that she will never be irresponsible. He sends Ananya. He asks Simmi to relax, Ananya is fine now. Simmi says you did big favor by saving her, she is my life. He says I would save any kid, now Ananya is also common between us. He goes. She smiles.

Raman comes home and asks where is everyone. Ishita says elders went out, Simmi is in room. He asks and others. She says you are asking about Ruhi. He says no, I got icecream for everyone. She says Ruhi is in her room, you can talk to her, you got one box of icecream for everyone, its Ruhi’s fav icecream. He says shopkeeper gave it by mistake. She asks him to feed it to everyone.

Ruhi comes and asks Neelu for magazine. She sees Raman and asks Ishita. Raman sees magazine and throws. Ruhi and Raman do not talk. Ishita sees them and says nothing can happen of them, I have to do something, what to do. She gets an idea and smiles.

Raman coughs by eating spicy food. Ruhi makes him drink water. Ishita and Mrs. Bhalla smile. Ruhi feeds him icecream.

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