Tu Aashiqui Update – Ahaan and Pankti to know JD’s plan

Tu Aashiqui upcoming twists - Jd's plan exposed to Ahaan and Pankti
Tu Aashiqui Update - Ahaan and Pankti to know JD's plan

Tu Aashiqui latest news – JD determined to destroy Paniti’s career

Colors TV’s popular show Tu Aashiqui has never failed to spice up the drama for their fans.

In an upcoming episode of Tu Ashiqui, we would see JD will plan the destruction of Pankti (Jannat Zubair Rahmani).

In a previous episode of the show, the fans witnessed that JD is impressed by Pankti and is willing to meet her.

As per sources, in the upcoming episode of Tu Aashiqui, Ahaan will be seen fighting with JD over Pankti and will be handcuffed by the police.

Anita will be telling Pankti that she called the police to protect Pankti’s reputation so that she could work with Jaishree Productions.

Later, JD will tell Manav (Sachin Sharma) to acquire the rights of Jairshree Production’s new film. Meanwhile, Ahaan and Pankti will reach Monty’s recording studio where they would get to know of JD’s plan to obstruct Pankti’s opportunity.

However, Monty will be unable to prove JD’s misdeeds as it might harm Pankti’s image too.

Manav would tell JD that he has bought the rights of the film and that he could destroy Pankti’s career.

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