Swabhiman 21 December 2016 Written Episode

Swabhiman 21 December 2016 Written Episode

Colors Swabhimaan Written Update 21st December 2016 WU

Swabhiman serial episode (21.12.2016) starts with Sharda telling everyone that she will take Meghna’s alliance to Chauhan family. Bade Mama says did you know who is Chauhan. He says Sujan Singh Chauhan is the chairman of Bharat Industries.

Sharda says I know, and tells that Pandit ji told me this, and says they belong to our community. Bade Mama tells that they are very rich and gifts big cars to their children.

Sharda says I am not going there seeing their money, but because of his values. She says Sujan Singh is searching a sanskari bahu for his grandson. Gopal tells Sharda that he wants to tell her something. He asks her to think twice before doing anything.

Meghna asks if Gopal Mama is agreeing with you or disagreeing? Sharda says he is with me. Meghna says you have given us good upbringing and never took a single penny from Mama. She says you was insulted once, and I don’t want this to happen again. She says people talk something and want something else. She says I won’t let you go to Jaipur.

Sharda says Sujan Singh ji is so good. Naina says they are rich and it is not easy to meet them. Sharda says we shall try and leave decision on God. She says I am not doing this for myself, but for her brother and bhabhi. Naina says I will come with you. Sharda asks her to stay with Meghna.

Sujan Singh calls Khyati and asks where is it? Khyati comes and says your thaali is ready. Sujan Singh says you are very loving child. Khyati says I was to look hot and happening. Sharda asks Gopal if her train is on time. Gopal says yes.

Sharda says she will bring kachori for him. She asks Asha where is bhaiyya? Asha says he must be sitting hiding his face, as people will ask him many questions if he goes out. She sees her brother in the inhouse temple. He ignores her and goes. She finds a recorded tape. Sharda gets emotional.

Meghna says Mama ji kept it. Vishal teases her and says we can’t understand yours and your brother’s love. He asks her to keep her ticket. Meghna asks her to keep power bank in her bag. Naina asks her to call and give good news. Meghna says I will also come with you.

Sharda says I am a mum and few things I have to do. Meghna says Mamma is stubborn. Naina says you are like her only and asks her to send Mamma with a smile. Vishal says Naina is right. Naina says we shall switch on laptop and sees Chauhan’s son pic.

Naina tries to see Kunal Chauhan’s pic. Vishal and Vaibhav looks on. Kunal drives the car and buys all the bouquets of the flower shop. Maasi says you are charming and will keep your wife happy. Sujan Singh hears car coming and says my grand son came. He comes out to see Kunal. Kunal’s face is shown.

Naina and Vishal see Kunal’s pic. Vishal says I am feeling complex. Naina says he is so handsome. Naina says where is Meghna di. Maasi thanks Media for coming and says it is a family affair. Kunal hugs Sujan Singh with a warm hug. He greets his mum then. Nand Kishore asks him to shake hand with him and says we are friends now.

Kunal asks Khyati to give him a hug and asks her to praise him. He asks where is the weirdo brother…Karan. Mum says he went to Bangalore for work. Media asks you have done management course, are you ready to take up the business responsibility. Kunal says we don’t talk private issues with outsiders.

Nand Kishore thinks his son speaks so fluent English. Reporter says your dad is just a puppet of your dada ji. Kunal gets angry when Dada Sujan is about to fall. He slaps reporter angrily.

Meghna and Naina come to drop Sharda to railway station. Sharda asks them to take care of Mama and not to argue with Mami. She asks them to take care as well. Meghna says I will not stop you, but bear if anyone humiliates or insults you. Sharda promises her that she will not bend infront of anyone. She hugs her daughter. Title song plays…………….

Naina tells Meghna that she was getting wrong number calls. She says we can tell Mamma now itself. Meghna says please. Sharda hears and asks what is the matter. Meghna says nothing. Sharda’s train start and she leaves. Bade Mama comes there and sees his sister going. He thinks I wants your dreams to be fulfilled, but these rich people world is so different from us.

Nand Kishore scolds Kunal for slapping Reporter. He says you are becoming like Karan, I couldn’t make him better. He asks him to apologize to Reporter. Kunal refuses and says that Reporter pushed Dada ji.

Nand Kishore tells that Media will make his bad publicity. He scolds him. Maasi assures that TV and Media will not cover this news. Dada coughs. Kunal takes him inside. Maasi says I will handle Media. She calls Mr. Agarwal and asks him to stop this news. He says Kunal did wrong.

Maasi says tomorrow is party, and we are inviting friends. She says we give you big revenues and you are thinking about Journalist. Mr. Agarwal agrees to her demand. She says okay.

Sharda’s family hear the news that Chauhan family is making an announcement, may be of Kunal’s engagement. Asha says Sharda got us insulted and went to Jaipur to humiliates us more. Meghna switches off TV. Asha asks why did you switch off TV.

Meghna says Vaibhav have to do his home work. Maasi gets a call and Mr. Agarwal informs that the work is done, and requests for Kunal’s interview for regional channel Jalawar. Maasi refuses and says Kunal must not have heard about it.

Meghna is upset and tells Naina that Sharda will be insulted as Chauhan’s son is getting engaged. She says when we came here, Mama played dhol and told that we are his ego. She says we have been so educated, and Mamma worked harder to make us independent. She says girl’s family are always helplessless. Naina hugs Meghna.

Sharda proposes Kunal and Meghna’s marriage to Nand Kishore. Nand Kishore insults her and asks her to leave. Asha and Kalpana comes to know about this when Sharda informs them on phone. Later Sujan Singh requests Sharda to give her daughter’s hand to his grand son in marriage. Sharda looks on glad.


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