Swabhiman 19 December 2016 Written Episode Update

Swabhiman 21 December 2016 Written Episode

Colors Swabhimaan First Episode 19.12.2016 Written Update WU, Swabhiman story till date

Swabhiman serial first episode starts with two little girls playing and waiting to see the first glimpse of sun rise. One of them is about to fall. Other asks her to be careful.

The first girl tells that she will not fall as her reflection (sister) is with her. They see sun rays and promise to make their mum famous and proud in the city.

After 18 years…..

People are praising the girls and says they made their mum proud. A man (Bade Mama) shows newspapers to others saying his sister’s pic is posted in it. He says his nieces are coming back to city.

The grown up girls are shown. They recall promising to make their mum proud in Bundi city. A boy pats on Naina. Naina introduces herself and asks for his name. He says his name is Ballu.

Naina gives him something. She tells someone that she is going to Ahmedabad. She reads in the newspaper about Sharda’s daughters making her proud She thinks her name should be after Meghna and corrects in the newspaper. Meghna comes. Naina hugs and praises her.

Meghna says my IIT topper Naina, and says I need a treat. Naina says we have top IIT, but I am 2 percent less than you. She asks for a treat. Meghna says mumma will get treat today. They sit in the cart and asks him to take then to Bundi Public school.

Kalpana asks Asha if she will rename their house to Sharda bhavan. Asha says we shall be proud. Kalpana says we have taken care of Naina and Meghna, but Sharda’s name came in the newspaper. Nobody bothered to write our or Mama’s names.

Meghna and Naina come and sit in Sharda’s class silently. Sharda asks her students to tell the formula. Meghna and Naina tell the formula. Sharda turns and asks them to go out and kneel down. Naina and Meghna go out. Naina asks Meghna how is she feeling now? Meghna says we can bend only infront of Mamma. School bell rings.

Sharda comes and hugs them calling by their names. Naina asks what happened? Sharda says you both are toppers now, I can’t call you both by your nicknames. Meghna says we will be always Gudiya and Chiku for you. They make Sharda’s wear new chappal. Sharda says my old chappal was good. Naina tells that old chappal have 4-5 surgery and can’t run long.

Sharda calls her nautanki and asks how many films she has seen. Naina says this is called ‘J’ jealous, and says there are many more gifts. Sharda politely scolds them for spending much. Meghna says we brought gifts for you as we got money from our internship.

Naina says we bought gifts for Mamis as well. Sharda comes with her daughters. Her brothers dance and welcomes them. Sharda thanks her brothers and says it would not have been possible without your support.

Mama thanks the people of Bundi for coming there and celebrating with him. He asks them to applaud for Sharda and her daughters who make the city proud. Everyone claps. Meghna and Naina are about to touch his feet. He says you are my ego and hugs them. Chote Mama Gopal also welcomes them.

At home, Sharda shows the sarees which her daughter brought for them and asks her bhabhis to choose. Meghna is upset. She promises Mamas that she will get a gift for them with her first salary. They ask about her job plans. Meghna says she got the job with an annual package of 35 lakhs salary with car They get happy. Chote Mama asks Meghna to alert them because telling anyone as his Mami got shocked and started imaginary shopping. BadeMama tells that his nieces made him proud today, and it was matter of Bundi’s prestige. He tells that there was a surprise for them tonight. Kalpana selects the saree which Meghna and Naina bought for Sharda. Meghna and Naina get upset and ask Sharda to think about her choice. Sharda tells Meghna and Naina that she is staying in her mayka since many years and her bhabhis never differentiated between their own kids and them. She talks about their marriage. Meghna says she will stay in her flat in Mumbai and she will buy a new saree daily. Sharda asks where I will keep those sarees. Meghna says we will get 5 bedroom flat, and 3 bedrooms will be kept for your sarees. She asks Naina to say. Naina agrees with Meghna. Meghna smiles.

Later in the party, Guest asks Mami about Meghna and Naina’s marriage. Mami is hopeful. Mama tells that they will get their daughters’ married in their community. Meghna gets upset hearing this.

Chote Mama Gopal jokes. BadeMama asks him to take care of guest. Meghna comes to Sarla and shows her disappointment towards guest gossip. Sharda asks what is wrong, one day you have to eventually marry. Mama’s son come there and tells that he is a doctor.

Meghna asks Sharda to get her married and throw her degree in dustbin. Sharda tells her that they will not get her married against her wish, and she can work after marriage too. She assures that Bade Mama won’t let anything wrong happen.

Bade Mama introduces Meghna to guests. Sharda introduces both her daughter and says both of them have done Engineering. Bade Mama asks Vishal to show newspaper and tell Meghna that he is fixing her alliance in that particular family.

Sharda asks Bade Mama to come to side, and tells that Meghna reached at this point because of you, and says marriage at this point. Mama says it was my duty to get them educated, I don’t want to take their money. It is my duty to get them married.

Sharda says Meghna said yes to that Mumbai job. Mama says Meghna have to leave that job. Meghna hears him and is upset. Sharda stands shockingly as she couldn’t say anything to her brother. Meghna thinks about his words and is tensed. Naina comes to her and keeps her hand on her shoulder.

Meghna is highly upset and throws her laptop. Naina says it is your lucky laptop which Mama ji gave you. Meghna says now nothing can be happened, and tells that Mama ji fixed her marriage. She says marriage degree is the one which girl should pass, and says Mama ji will do my kanyadaan and will bid me bye. She says our degrees and handwork will go in dustbin now.

Naina is also shocked. She says since when you have started to hear people’s talk. Meghna says she heard Mama saying this. Sharda hears them. Naina says Mamma thinks that marriage and job can go along with each other. Meghna disagrees with her and says Mamma can’t refuse Mama’s sayings as he has done so much for us. Naina asks if you will refuse? Meghna wipes her tears and gets up.

Sharda thinks about Meghna’s words that she wants to take care of her own responsibility and wants to stand on her own feet. Meghna comes there and asks her to have milk before someone else comes. Sharda asks who is coming now? Meghna says your friend acidity.

Naina comes and says you are chilling here with Mamma. Sharda tries to talk to Meghna. Meghna tells that she will go to that city and will make it IIT city after marriage. Sharda smiles. Naina and Meghna sleep with Sharda.

Bade Mami tells that she will take bath in Ganga once Meghna marries. Vishal asks if she ever went to Jhalavar and says it is mismatch for her.

Bade Mama asks him not to say anything and says he is there to think everything. He gets Kundan’s call and asks Mami Asha to talk to him. Asha happily talks to him. Mama says they like Meghna yesterday. Kalpana thinks to find out about the alliance. Mami Asha talks to Kundan and invites them. Kalpana asks why did you say yes so soon before confirming with Meghna.

Asha says Sharda or Meghna will never disapprove of their decision and asks her to help her in the arrangements. She says the people are rich and famous. Kalpana says Meghna is lucky.

Sharda comes to Asha. Asha tells her that Kundan, his son and family are coming there with shagun. Sharda says shagun? Asha says groom is good. Sharda asks if they will let meghna work after marriage.

Asha says why Meghna will work, and tells that these people are rich. Sharda says you both have made them educated. Asha says she will ask the groom’s family and calls them.

Groom Krishna’s father says she can work after marriage. Sharda gets happy and hugs Asha. Asha praises Meghna. Kalpana asks Asha to help her change the clothes.

Sharda comes to Meghna and says Krishna and his family are coming to see you. Meghna says you have to decide. Naina smiles and jokes. They do all the arrangements. Asha Mami asks her husband to get ready to welcome the guest.

Kalpana taunts her husband while he is playing game on mobile. She tells him that she has enquired about groom’s family and they are against letting the ladies do job. She thinks to inform Meghna and Sharda, and hurts her feet. Gopal sees her hurt toes and calls Vishal. Vishal brings first aid box and bandages her. Naina tries to talk to Sharda. Meghna gets ready.

Sharda and Others welcomes the guest. They give them snacks. Naina thinks about Kalpana’s words that Jhalavar people never let their bahu’s do work. Naina thinks how to inform Sharda. Asha asks Krishna to sit with Meghna and talk to her. They congratulate each other.

Naina gets an idea and sends message to Sharda’s phone. Sharda’s phone rings. Bade Mama asks whose phone is ringing. Naina says Maa’s phone is ringing. She shows her phone in which she asked her to confirm again if they will let Meghna work after marriage, and also mentions that she heard Kalpana talking to Gopal.

Sharda tells groom’s father that Bade Mama and Asha got their daughter educated and asks if she can work after marriage. Groom’s father tells that she can work in cowshed in her free time. Sharda and others are shocked. Asha says Sharda wants to just confirm.

Sharda tells that Meghna was offered a job from a corporate company. Groom’s father Kundan tells that they will prefer to die than to get their bahus or daughter work outside. Bade Mama asks Sharda to do the shagun. Sharda recalls Meghna saying that she will agree to her decision. She apologizes to everyone and says this alliance can’t happen. Everyone is shocked. Naina smiles. Meghna looks on hopeful and happy.

Asha says Meghna’s marriage can’t happen in our community now. Sharda assures her that Meghna will marry in their community only. Kalpana tells about Jaipur’s rich family Chauhans. She says Chauhan gifted 35 lakhs worth car to their son.

Sharda tells Kalpana that she will go to Jaipur and take Meghna’s alliance to Chauhans. Meghna looks on.

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