Namkaran Spoilers – Mitali gets to know Avni is alive

Namkaran Spoilers - Mitali gets to know Avni is alive

Star Plus Namkaran latest news – Mitali shocked to see Avni

Here’s what will happen in the upcoming episodes of Star Plus popular serial Namkaran.

KK (Zaan Khan) is shooting in Sukoon house along with Neil (Zain Imam). They are shooting for a entire song along with some action sequence. Avni (Aditi Rathore) tries to leave the orphanage and she does not want Neil to spot her. She is staying away from him for the sake of his life and safety.

At the same time, Neil decides to once again out his life in risk so he can visualize Avni and feel her presence around him.

Soon. Avni and Neel will meet each other. However, Avni lies to Neil and makes some chickenpox signs on her face. Mogli stops Neil from seeing Nilanjana. He tells Neil that Nilanjana has been diagnosed with chickenpox.

Mitali sees Avni and asks her why did she lie to Neil. Avni breaks down and tells Mitali that she has been hiding from Neil and his family for their happiness and safety. She tells Mitali not to reveal her truth to Neil.

Mitali also promises to hide this secret till Avni wants. She also requests Avni not to trouble Neil more.

What will happen next? How will Neil and Avni meet? We will have to wait and watch!

Keep reading this space for latest gossips, spoilers and future story of Naamkaran.


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