Naamkaran latest news – Avni does drunk SHOLAY act for Neil

Naamkaran upcoming twists - Neil to get injured in bomb blast during Janmashtami celebrations

Star Plus Naamkaran serial updates – Avni (Aditi Rathore) to convince Neil (Zain Imam) for their honeymoon

Viewers of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran will have to gear up for an interesting drama in the upcoming episodes.

It is seen that Avni leaves Neil’s house after being accused of having affir with her childhood friend Ali.

Soon, in the upcoming episodes, viewers will see that Neil will expose Riya’s hand behind trying to defame Avni. Neel and his family will rush to the hospital to stop Avni from leaving the city.

Further, viewers will get to see divorce drama between Neel and Avni. However, bebe would try to bring the couple together. Neel will refuse to divorce Avni.

Avni loves Neil, but she is not able to confess her love to Neil. Bebe wants Neil and Avni to confess love to each other.

At the same time, Shweta indirectly helps Avni and Neil’s love story in getting a push. Shweta’s conditions for testing Avni’s suitability for the family becomes interesting. Avni has to pass Shweta’s test by going on honeymoon with Neil.

Later, Avni gets drunk and does drama in Neil’s police station. She becomes a drama queen. She climbs on the cupboard and tells everyone what all did for Neil till now, and today she will commit suicide.Everyone asks her the reason for her suicide attempt. Avni tries to convince Neil for coming on honeymoon with her. She says if I die, Neil will go jail. Neil asks her what is she doing. Avni asks him to agree fast, else she will jump down and die. She says I will do what Heer did for Ranjha, I will do the same like the famous lovers. She says if I die here, big storm will be coming here.

Neil gets worried for her, and agrees to go with her on honeymoon.

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