Naamkaran Gossips – Post Neil-Avni, Amol-Kareena to be a couple

Naamkaran upcoming twists - Neil to get injured in bomb blast during Janmashtami celebrations

Star Plus Naamkaran serial latest news – Avni’s borther Anmol and Kareena love angle ahead

Fans of Star Plus popular show Naamkaran recently got to witness how Neil (Zain Imam) cleared all the misunderstandings about Avni (Aditi Rathore) and Ali’s affair and got Avni back home.

Avni thanks Neel for his support and trusting her always. The lovely couple also shared some sweet moments together.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Namkaran, viewers will get to see divorce drama between that couple. But Neil would not agree to divorce Avni. Avni too would realize about her feelings for Neel.

Further, Neel’s mother Shweta would take Avni’s test to see if she can be a good wife for his son. As a part of the test, she would ask Avni to convince Neel to go on honeymoon. Viewers will get to see interesting drama as Aditi Rathore aka Avni would reminisce the classic scene from Sholay. She would pretend to be drunk and try to convince Neel for the honeymon plan. Ali and Riya will not be happy with this and would try to ruin their plans.

At the same time, we have seen that Kareena is being blackmailed by a friend. Avni’s brother Amol would find out about the same and would help her out of this situation. It is heard that during all of this, Kareena and Amol would have feelings for each other.



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