Laado 2 Upcoming Twists – Yuvraj gets to know of Rantej’s crimes

Laado 2 Upcoming Twists - Yuvraj gets to know of Rantej crimes

Major revelation time in Laado Veerpur Ki Mardani (Laado 2)

Fans of Colors TV popular show Laado Veerpur Ki Mardani (Laado 2) will have to gear up for a interesting turn in the upcoming episodes of the show.

Finally, Yuvraj (Shaleen Malhotra) will get to know of about Rantej’s crimes! It would be seen that Yuvraj will get arrested for drugs case. The Inspector will lock him up in the jail. Another constable would end up revealing Rantej’s crimes in front of Yuvraj.

The constable would tell Yuvraj that he is as clever a his brothers. He says you are a big buy who will get a bail soon and its only a matter of a day that Yuvraj has to spend in the jail. The Contable further assures him that since he is from Chudhary family, he will take care of him just like Rantej and his brothers. Yuvraj is shocked to know that his brothers have been getting VIP treatment in the jail.

Yuvraj gets to know more information from the constable who finally reveals about Rantej’s crimes.

Later, the Inspector stops his constable from saying anything further and beat him up. He tries to make up by telling Yuvraj that the constable is drunk. But Yuvraj beats up inspector and makes him tell Rantej’s truth. Inspector says Balwant didn’t wish you to know the truth, he instructed us to lie to you. Yuvraj feels ashamed to know his brothers’ crimes. He is unable to face Anushka (Avika Gor) after finding out the truth!!

Lots of more interesting twists and drama in store for the viewers ahead.

Keep reading this space for latest updates and future story of Laado 2.



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