Kasauti Zindagi Ki 12th December 2018 Episode Written Update

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 12th December 2018 Episode Written Update

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 12th December 2018 Written Update, Kasauti Zindagi Kay Written Episode

Kasauti Zindagi Ki 12th December 2018 episode starts with Navin keeps taunting Anurag over his defeat. Anurag tells him to stop acting sweet no one is around. He says i know that you are married to Madhuri, you are husband and wife, i have seen your marriage certificate.

Navin tells him what is the fight between you and me, you don’t like me and you don’t want me to to marry Prerna. but i like Prerna. He says that day i joked about me and Madhuri and told you to go and prove what you want to, he says let me prove my point, Navin calls Madhuri to his room.

Madhuri comes to Anurag’s room, Navin tells madhuri that Anurag has doubts about our relationship, Madhuri says me and navin have a devar-bhabhi relationship, She tries to lie, Anurag says both of you are made for each other, you both lie and do drama almost similarly, he says i have seeen both of you together in the room, he says do you realize that the meaning of wearing mangalsutra, i have seen the marriage certificate, but some woman snatched it from me, he says wait a minute it was you in the hospital, Navin says enough, he knows everything now, lets come to our real selves. Navin confesses that yes, she is my wife, she has always saved me troubles, Madhuri stops him, He says today i am marrying Prerna, try and stop me, if you can, Anurag slaps Navin.

Navin says, this is all you can do, kill me, but you don’t have the guts. Anurag says you have still not seen my guts, as i have still not come to your level, but i promise you i will not let you marry Prerna.

He says Madhuri, i told you, he tells Anurag, why don’t you say you it that you love Prerna. Anurag holds his collar and says you have a dirty mind, Navin instigates Anurag to go and find proofs against me and sow it to Prerna, but what if Prerna still marries me, what will you do, Anurag says i will kill you. Navin says that is my work, i kill people. i was the one responsible for your fatal accident, your were lucky, you got saved. He says today we would have been performing you death rituals, you wanted to destroy me, but one can been ever able to do that, navin says, now i have confessed everything. He says now go and tells everyone, say that i am a dirty man, madhuri is my wife, your own mother will not believe you, so now after this, i will kill you, he leaves the room in anger.

Anurag asks Madhuri why is shee staying with such a dity man, are you not ashamed, you husband is marrying someone, he says he is a mad person, Anurag says i don’t know what is your majboori, this time he has chosen a wrong girl, i will not let him marry Prerna, this time he will be finished. Madhuri gets tensed.

Prerna looks for somethings and finds the rose (dried) given to her by Anurag and thinks of him. She keeps the rose back in room, Anurag holds her hands, she says i was thinking of you only, Anu says don’t you remember me a lot these days, she says this rose reminded me of you, Anurag says i have to tell you something, she says can we spend sometime with each other without saying anything. They get quiet, he asks her with sign if he can make her wear the bangles, she nods, he makes her sit and makes her wear the bangles (song plays in bg). Prerna gets hurt with bangles, she realizes that it was a dream.

Navin comes to meet Prerna and asks her why is she so uncomfortable, he says may be you were expecting someone else. he gives her a envelope and tells her to see it. He says these are your house property papers, now no one can throw you out of this house, he gives her 10 lakh cheque saying it is her wedding gift. She asks him i want to just know, what Anurag is sayong , is it true. Navin gets upset and says i will take all of this back now, i will leave now, Prerna says if Anurag is saying true, then let me know, what will Anurag do, let it be, i will not spare you.  Navin says i like you for this attitude of yours. He leaves Prenan’s house and says how dare you tlak to me like thos Prerna, i will show you true colors after marriage.

Anurag comes to Prerna’s house, Shivani sees him and says i have to tell Anurag about eviction papers of this house.


Anurag tells Prerna if you want we will fight together against this world, she says him why are you so nice and hugs him.

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