Ishqbaaz – Shivay aand Anika get divorced, Anika to leave Oberoi Masion

Ishqbaaz - Shivay aand Anika get divorced, Anika to leave Oberoi Masion

Ishqbaaz – Tia’s mother blackmails Shivaay to divorce Anika over a dark secret

In the ongoing track of Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz we have seen that Tia (Navina Bole) has managed to prove that Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) is the father of her child.

At the same time, Tia has made press announcement about her pregnancy to the media and the Oberoi family members are worried about their reputation. Tia, Shwetlana and Rumi have joined hands together in order ro destroy Oberois.

Now, in the upcoming episodes, it would be seen that Tia would create emotional drama about her pregnancy and Shivaay will be left helpless and will have to take the responsibility of Tia and her unborn child.

Shivaay’s mother Pinky who hates Anika (Surbhi Chandna) and wants to see Tia as her daughter in law would ask Shivaay to divorce Anika immediately. Seeing, Shivaay being reluctant to divorce Anika, Tia’s mother would blackmail Shivaay to divorce Anika else she will reveal his secret to the world.

What is the secret? Well, it is yet to be known.

Further it is reported that Shivaay will once again get rude with Anika and force her into singing the divorce papers. Anika will finally sign the papers. Tia will celebrate her victory as Anika leaves the mansion with Sahil.

However, there would be a twist in the story. As Shivaay would handover the papers to his manager, his manager would say “but sir” to which Shivaay will say “Just do it“.

What is in the papers? It is fake divorce papers and part of Shivaay and Anika’s plan?

Stay tuned for more updates of Ishqbaaz!


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