Ishqbaaz – Shivaay gifts divorce papers to Anika

Ishqbaaz Spoilers - Tia instigates Shivay to divorce Anika

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Ishqbaaz Spoilers – Tia instigates Shivay to divorce Anika

In the upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz serial, viewers will have to gear up for Shivaay and Anika’s divorce drama.

It will be seen that Dadi decides to do Anika;s pagphere rasam. She gives new clothes to Anika for the rasam and asks her to get dressed and come for the rasam.

Later, Dadi asks Omkara and Rudra to drop Anika home instead of Sahil, as Sahil is very young. Dadi asks Rudra to become Anika’s brother for this rasam. Dadi tells Shivay will get Anika back from her home.

Rudra agrees to Dadi and wants more rituals to happen in Shivay and Anika’s lives. Anika applies the sindoor, by her strong belief in marriage.

Shivay gets to see Anika applying sindoor and melts heart for a moment, but Tia instigates his anger against Anika again.

Shivay gifts Anika a beautiful box. Anika checks the box and was assuming it to have something special, but sadly its divorce papers in it. They are married, but the marriage happened by cheat. They have strong connection since they first met, but now Shivay upsets Anika again by gifting the divorce papers. Sahil comes to take Anika for Pagphere rasam.

Shivay hands over the papers and asks Anika to never come back now. Anika feels Shivay is very bitter hearted and he can never change. Shivay has to stop himself from breaking Anika’s heart. Tia is happy to see Anika getting kicked out by Shivay while Dadi cries seeing Shivay and Anika’s the marriage being destroyed.

Anika apologizes to everyone, and was leaving, but Shivay changes his mind and stops Anika and Sahil.

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