Ishqbaaz – Shivaay and Anika have major fight over Anika’s character

Ishqbaaz - Shivaay and Anika have major fight over Anika's character
Ishqbaaz - Shivaay and Anika have major fight over Anika's character

Ishqbaaz – Anika upset with Shivaay’s accusation over her one night stand with Daksh

In the ongoing track of Ishqbaaz, it was seen that Shivaay (Nakul Mehta) is shocked and feels gulity after finding out that Anika’s (Surbhi Chandna) brother Sahil is handicaped.

Shivay remembers the past conversation with Sahil when he was rude to him and had commented about him being handicapped too. 

At the same time, Anika is about to leave the Oberoi Mansion along with Sahil after Shivaay gifts her divorce papers on pagpehere rasam. However, Shivaay has a change of heart after findiung out Sahil’s turth and stops Anika from leaving the house. He informs her that he has sold Anika’s house. Shivaay says that she had taken money from Dadi for the house and that makes him the owner of the house. Hence he sold off the house as he knows that Anika will never be able to repay the loan. 

Anika tells him that she has nowhere to go now. But Shivaay shocks Anika and everyone by saying that Anika can stay along with her brother in Oberoi Mansion, at least till the time they get divorced. 

Now, in the upcoming episodes, it will be seen that Shivaay and Anika will have a big fight yet again over misunderstanding created by Daksh about Anika spending the night with him for money.

Daksh misleads Shivaay in to believing that Anika is characterless girl and for money can go to any extent. Shivaay is furious with this assumptions about Anika and keeps insulting and treating Anika badly. 

Anika will yet again try to bring Tia’s (Navina Bole) marriage truth in front of Shivaay, however, Shivaay will refuse to listen to Anika. Instead, Shivaay will openly accuse Anika of having spent the night with Daksh for money.

Anika will be upset with these false accusations and will be about to raise her hand on Shivaay, but Shivaay will hold Anika’s hand and will once again get extremely rude with Anika. Anika will be again hurt and in tears.

What will happen next? How will Anika expose Tia? How will misunderstansing between Shivaay and Anika get cleared?

Stay tuned for latest updates of Ishqbaaz!


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