Ishqbaaz – This is the reason why Shivaay agrees to divorce Anika

Ishqbaaz - Tia's mother blackmails Shivaay over Omkara's dark secret

Ishqbaaz – Tia’s mother blackmails Shivaay over Omkara’s dark secret

In the ongoing track of Star Plus serial Ishqbaaz, we have seen that Mrs Kapoor and daughters her Tia, Shwetlana and Rumi have come together to destroy the Oberoi family.

Tia and her mother have managed to make everyone believe that Shivaay is the father of Tia’s child. However, Anika refuses to believe the two DNA reports and tells Shivaay that she knows that Tia is trapping him. However, with Tia spreading the news in media about her pregnancy and emotionally blackmailing him, Shivaay is pressurized into marrying Tia.

Now, in the upcoming episodes of Ishqbaaz, Tia’s mother will bring out her trump card that will force Shivaay to divorce Anika and marry Tia.

A shocking truth of Omkara’s birth comes in front of Shivay.

Mrs. Kapoor tells Shivay that Omkara is illegitimate. She asks Shivay what will he do now, when he hates illegitimate relations, will Shivay abandon Omkara and cover up the truth at the price of sacrificing Anika by giving her divorce.

Shivay decides to hurry up on the divorce matter. He asks Anika to give him divorce and sign on the papers. Anika asks him the reason for his sudden step. Shivay could not share the big reason with Anika.

However, there will be a twist in the divorce drama where Shivaay’s manager would see the divorce papers and realize there is something wrong but Shivaay would tell him to get on with the papers.

Well, we hope its fake divorce papers!

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