Ishqbaaz Gossips – Shivaay gets engaged to Anika NOT Vikram

Ishqbaaz Gossips - Shivaay gets engaged to Anika NOT Vikram

Star Plus Ishqbaaz latest news – Gauri (Shrenu Parikh) and Rudra (Lleenesh Mattoo) come with a plan to stop Anika and Vikram’s engagement

Loyal viewers of Ishqbaaz (4 Lions Films) will goon get see interesting drama during the engagement sequence of Anika and Vikram.

As reported earlier, post the blast drama, Shivaay returns home safe. However, he would bring back Vikram and force Anika and Vikram to get engaged at the earliest. Anika will be left with no option but to get ready for the engagement. Shivaay and Anika would share emotional moments before Anika’s engagement with Vikram. Though the couple is very much in love with each other, they are not ready to let go off their egos and confess their love.

During the engagement ceremony, viewers will see that Pinky and Ragini (Aditi Gupta) would rejoice that Anika would soon be out fo Shivaay’s life. However, Gauri  and Rudra would have a plan to stop this engagement.

Rudra would get a juice spiked with some drug and Gauri would make Ragini drink it. When Vikram would get ready to put the engagement ring to Anika, Gauri would dramatically remind Anika that she is still very her previous engagement ring. Then there would be drama around Anika finding it difficult to remove her earlier ring. Just when she manages to take out the ring, Ragini would faint and the engagement would come to halt. The lights would go off. Anika would get scared. Shivaay would come towards her. Anika will hug him. They would share lovely moments together and Shivaay would once again put his engagement ring into Anika’s finger. Anika too would give into the moment.

Now, that’s treat for all the #Shivika fans… Isn’t it?

Ishqbaaz- Shivaay and Anika get engaged
Ishqbaaz- Shivaay and Anika get engaged

Well, post this viewers will have to gear up for Shivaay and Anika’s re-marriage and lots of entertainment, drama and Ishqbaazi in the wedding track ahead!

Stay tuned to this space for latest news and updates of Ishqbaaz!

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