Chandra Nandini – Nandini to be blamed for killing Durdhara’s unborn child

Chandra Nandini - Nandini to be blamed for killing Durdhara's unborn child

Chandra Nandini – Chandra (Rajat Tokas) blames Nandini (Shweta Basu Prasad) for conspiring against Durdhara and his unborn child

In the ongoing track of Star Plus serial Chandra Nandini, we have seen that Chandra’s wife Durdhara is pregnant. Chandra and everyone in the royal family rejoice with the news of her pregnancy.

Durdhara shares her pregnancy news with Nandini  and asks her to take care of her child in case anything ever happens to her in the future. Chandra is surprised to see the bonding between Durdhara and Nandini.

However, Chandra’s other wife Helena is unhappy with Durdhara’s pregnancy as she wants her child to be the King of Magadh after Chandra. 

Now, in the upcoming episodes of the show, Helena would plot to kill Chandra’s unborn child and Nandini will be blamed for the same. Chandra will be angry and and also punish Nandini. 

However, later, Chandra will realize that Nandini is innocent. Chandra realizes his mistake and goes to apologize to Nandini.

Chandra always shouts on Nandini, but she gets surprised when he apologizes to her. He also praises Nandini, but knows he can’t get friendly with Nandini.

Chnadra and Nandini’s misunderstandings will get cleared soon. Will Chandra fall in love with Nanidni?

Stay tuned for more updates of Chandra Nandini.


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